NetSfere at Mobile World Congress 2017

We are delighted to announce our participation as a major sponsor at Mobile World Congress 2017 and have great pleasure in inviting you to meet the our executive team in Barcelona.

Meet Us at MWC17

Find out how secure enterprise messaging
is transforming mobile.

In today’s constantly connected enterprise workplace, two out of three employees use unauthorized third-party messaging apps to communicate with co-workers, external partners and even customers; putting data at risk. At Mobile World Congress 2017, get current on the secure messaging trends that are shaping your industry and the future of your organization.

Learn About Secure, Cloud-based Messaging at MWC With NetSfere

Recent headlines about security vulnerabilities in consumer-grade messaging apps and data breaches at some of the world’s largest organizations underscore the importance of secure messaging technology for the enterprise. NetSfere will be on hand at Mobile World Congress 2017 to discuss the latest trends and topics in secure enterprise messaging, including:

  • Best practices for secure messaging in a range of industries
  • How best-in-class messaging platforms accelerate the migration from on-premises to cloud-based communication
  • Regulatory and compliance concerns in healthcare, finance and other industries
  • The use of secure, cloud-based messaging for improved communication with external partners, vendors and customers

3 Mobile Messaging Trends to Watch at MWC 2017

Enterprises are adopting secure, cloud-based technology at a record pace

Back door security vulnerabilities in popular consumer messaging apps and the collapse of on-premises communications systems are fueling the race for secure, cloud-based messaging in enterprises.

Secure enterprise messaging platforms are a stepping stone to 5G

5G technology isn’t here yet – but it’s coming. Secure messaging technology provides a unified platform that acts as a precursor to the fully connected lifestyle that lightning-fast connections will bring to your enterprise.

Messaging is moving outside the enterprise.

Secure, cloud-based messaging is moving beyond the four walls of the enterprise. At NetSfere, we’ve created a secure enterprise messaging platform that enables communication and collaboration with external partners, vendors, customers and other users across your organization’s communications ecosystem.

Schedule a Meeting at MWC 2017

Schedule a quick, 30-minute meeting with NetSfere at MWC 2017 now and get the information you need to make informed decisions about messaging for your organization.

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