Plans & Pricing

At NetSfere, we’re committed to giving enterprises the flexible and affordable messaging technology they need to improve collaboration, reduce risk and seamlessly scale communications to organizational growth. NetSfere solutions offer best-in-class instant messaging features via the cloud—equipping your organization with both the security and agility it takes to achieve true business advantage.

NetSfere pricing is based on a general subscription model that lets you pay for the messaging technology you need, when you need it.

Service Plans Enterprise Plus
  Professional Enterprise
Monthly Subscription Free USD 7/User
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Rich Messaging - User Experience that Increases Productivity
One to One and Group Messaging
Broadcast Messaging
Message Organization by Conversation
Add New Participants Anytime
Real-Time Communication with Push Notifications
Documents Quick Access
Documents Search and Filter
Network Status Information
Customizable Quick Replies
Typing Indicator
Contextual Message Replies
Contextual Message Forwarding
Configurable Message Deletion
Image Support for popular formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, HEIC/HEIF etc
Image Compression
Attachment Captions
UTF-8 text support
Multi Language Support
Delivery Confirmation and Read Receipts
Favorite and Mute Conversations
SMS Notifications
Sharing Documents, Photos, Videos, and Location 10 MB/attachment 500 MB/attachment
NetSfere SecureMeet - Seamless Internal and External Collaboration
Shareable Meeting Links
Frictionless Single-Click Joining
Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing
Calendar Integration
Multi-Factor Authentication
Admission Controls
Instant Host Notifications
HD Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing – All in One Encrypted Communication Platform
Encrypted Voice Calling - 1-1 & Group
Encrypted Video Calling - 1-1 & Group
Automatic Prominence of Video Tiles
Secure Screen Sharing
Enhanced Call Logs
Secure Video Broadcasting with Viewer Feedback
Superior Quality with Bandwidth Adapting Technology
Real-Time Experience with Low Latency
Firewall Support
Security - Eliminate the Risk of Data Breach
End to End Encryption - Internal and External Users 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
Encryption during Transmission
Encryption at Rest
Biometric Authentication
Screen Lock
Connected Device Management
Failed Login Notifications
Private Notifications
Screenshot Notifications
Control - Centralized IT Administration of End-User Policies and Privileges
Administrator Portal
Password and Screen Lock Policy
Document Type Policy
Device Policy
Biometric Authentication Control
Remote Device Wipe
User and System Analytics
Custom Contact Attributes
User management using NetSfere Teams
Storage Up to 90 Days Up to 10 years
User Provisioning and Control Manual Automatic
Identity Management
Active Directory (LDAP, Azure)
Single Sign-On
Compliance - Protect your Business from Regulatory Non-Compliance Risks
GDPR Compliance
Financial compliance such as SOX, Dodd-Frank, FINRA
Healthcare Compliance such as HIPAA and other safeguards
Data Archiving
Auditing Tools
Collaboration - Engage Securely with your Business Ecosystem
Guest Communication
Personal NetSfere Web Link
Group NetSfere Web Link
Full Conversation History for New Participants
Meeting Scheduler
Cloud Storage Integrations (Box, Dracoon etc)
Securely Managed APIs
Messaging Bot
Message Export
Medical speech-to-text using Nuance®
MDM/EMM Integration with strict device control
Emergency Broadcasts
Platform and Support - Communicate Anywhere, Any Device, on Any Network. Always Available.
Apple Watch
Support 3-business days via Email 24x7 via Email & Phone
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NetSfere’s messaging platform can be tailored to meet your enterprise’s mobile messaging and communication requirements. Our platform empowers employees to communicate and collaborate leveraging tools designed to meet specific needs across a wide range of verticals including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Travel & Hospitality.

Customizable, Secure Enterprise Messaging

A mobile and enterprise-first messaging platform designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s communication ecosystem, our solution can be customized to provide your enterprise with the messaging services needed to maintain an agile and robust communications strategy.

Cloud-based, On-Premise, & Hybrid Capabilities

With an advanced architecture that leverages cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid capabilities, NetSfere is deployed to best utilize your enterprise’s current IT infrastructure investments.

Workflows and Integration

NetSfere's flexible software architecture provides frictionless integration with existing enterprise systems. Workflows can be customized to allow data to move seamlessly across internal entities.

Advanced Compliance

Administrative, physical and technical policies ensure compliance with government and federal regulations.

Robust Storage

NetSfere provides advanced, scalable storage configurations to accommodate for enterprise growth while meeting message retention policies.


An advanced system network and 24/7 support ensure speedy issue resolution, resulting in little to no platform downtime.