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As the CEO of Infinite Convergence, I'm pleased to give you our insights on the evolving mobile technology and enterprise messaging marketplace.

We have insights on market trends principally because we are very good listeners. Indeed, NetSfere -- the most robust, secure and scalable enterprise messaging solution on the market today -- was developed based on what we heard our customers say they needed, time and time again.

When there's a market need, or a customer need, we answer it quickly and we answer it well. Proof of that is our more than 130 million global subscribers and our market leader status in a wide range of sophisticated, scalable messaging solutions for carriers and enterprises.

As you read through the posts below, you may think of an organizational interest or need that relates to messaging and mobility. If so, please get in touch with us. If we don't already have the solution in hand, there's a good chance we can build it for you.

- Anurag Lal

Recent Articles

What Uber Got Wrong (and Right) About Secure Enterprise Messaging

Uber execs are under fire for using an encrypted chat app that allows users to automatically "disappear" messages.

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Employees’ Use of Consumer Messaging Apps Is a Ticking Time Bomb for Enterprises

Mobile messaging is must-have technology for communication and productivity in the workplace. But the use of consumer messaging apps in the enterprise is at an all-time high, creating major risks and challenges for organizations across a range of industries.

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Understanding Why Deutsche Bank Banned All Messaging on Corporate-Owned Phones

You may have read that Deutsche Bank recently banned WhatsApp and other similar products on all employee-owned phones.

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5 Predictions for Mobile World Congress 2017

The Mobile World Congress is rapidly approaching and this year, one of the big stories is secure messaging — specifically, how the latest mobile trends will impact the sharing of data and information across the enterprise.

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Healthcare Messaging Trends to Watch at HIMSS 2017

Across the healthcare sector, clinicians and administrators have abandoned pagers and other outdated technologies in favor of secure messaging platforms that allow employees to instantly share information and files with coworkers.

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What’s Up With WhatsApp? The Unfortunate Result of Using Consumer Messaging Apps in the Enterprise

Last week, WhatsApp made the kind of news that causes a CEO to cringe. A security researcher at the University of California discovered a backdoor in WhatsApp that Facebook (WhatsApp’s parent company) and others can use to read encrypted messages.

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Inside-Outside Enterprise Messaging: The Key to a Better Customer Experience

Is secure enterprise messaging the key to a better customer experience? Absolutely, provided that organizations embrace my inside-outside messaging concept.

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