Advanced Messaging Technology
for Todays Healthcare Industry

Across the healthcare industry, providers are struggling to work faster, improve patient care and reduce wasteful spending. NetSfere is an affordable, easy-to-install and deploy HIPAA-compliant, secure mobile messaging solution that gives healthcare providers the tools to convert communication and collaboration into improved patient care and more efficient workflows.

Secure Messaging for a Complex Global Healthcare Regulatory Environment

At NetSfere, we built our messaging technology to meet the sophisticated messaging requirements of the global healthcare industry.

In today's healthcare environment, messaging has to do more than improve communication and productivity--it also has to comply with a dizzying array of local, in-country messaging regulations.

The regulations that govern the use of messaging technology in healthcare vary from one international jurisdiction to the next. In the U.S., messaging is regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

HIPAA Messaging Requirements for Healthcare Workers

HIPAA requires healthcare providers and their technology partners to comply with strict security and privacy standards for Protected Health Information (PHI and ePHI), i.e., medical histories, test results and other sensitive patient information.

Although HIPAA requirements only apply to healthcare providers in the U.S., similar rules and best practices apply to healthcare providers in other countries.

HIPAA and related healthcare privacy regulations around the world acknowledge the value of electronic communication in healthcare. But to reduce mobile security risks and the potential for lost or stolen devices, HIPAA requires healthcare providers and their technology partners to apply safeguards across several important categories:

Administrative Security Messaging Technology For Todays Healthcare Industry


The formalization of processes and measures that ensure the security of PHI and worker practices.

Physical Buildings Advanced Messaging Technology For Todays Healthcare Industry


The protection of physical buildings and technology infrastructure that is vital to electronic information systems.

Technical Transmission Security Advanced Messaging Technology For Todays Healthcare Industry


Technical requirements to ensure the integrity of PHI, including access and audit controls, person or entity authentication, and transmission security.

Implementation of Policies Procedures For Advanced Messaging Technology For Todays Healthcare Industry

Policies and Procedures

The implementation of policies and procedures to comply with HIPAA standards and safeguard requirements.

For more information about HIPAA requirements for healthcare providers and technology partners, download our whitepaper

NetSfere: Robust, HIPAA-Compliant Messaging for Healthcare Providers

NetSfere's enterprise messaging service facilitates full compliance with HIPAA and other global healthcare regulations for policies and procedures, and for all administrative, physical and technical safeguards.

Key advantages of NetSfere enterprise messaging for healthcare providers include:

Logistics and Supply Chain Secure Instant Messaging

Total Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your messaging technology is equipping your organization with administrative, physical and technical safeguards you need to fully comply with HIPAA.

Secure Messaging for Retail and Logistics Companies


NetSfere solutions are proven and reliable, eliminating the possibility that healthcare workers are using risky, non-compliant messaging apps designed for consumer use.

Instant Messaging using Nuance speech-to-text function

Instant Messaging using Nuance ® speech-to-text function

Healthcare workers can quickly communicate with each other via instant messaging using a HITRUST CSF-certified speech-to-text function.

Secure Enterprise Messaging for Improve Supply Chain Workflow

Workplace Efficiency

Healthcare workers across your organization can instantly communicate with each other, regardless of their locations.

Promotional Broadcasting via Secure Instant Messaging

Better Patient Care

Increased collaboration among healthcare workers improves your ability to provide top-notch patient care, resulting in better outcomes for your patients.


Improved Communication for the Healthcare Workplace

Peace of Mind

Device-to-device encryption and other safeguards provide robust security and facilitate total compliance with HIPAA and other international healthcare regulations. You can sleep easier knowing that your messaging technology prevents the unauthorized disclosure of patients' protected health information. For more information on NetSfere security see our whitepaper.

Multimedia and Multi-Device Support

The ability to seamlessly transition between devices and support for media-rich attachments (e.g., photos) extend the value of your organization's communications investments.

Low Per-User Cost

Featuring a low cost per-user and unlimited scalability, NetSfere rapidly adapts to the needs of your organization, allowing you to maintain an agile and affordable communications strategy.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved communication capabilities and a more contextual, seamless communications experience create opportunities for healthcare teams to collaborate more effectively, resulting in increased productivity and better patient outcomes.

Workflow Efficiency

Clear channels of communication drive efficiency in the healthcare workplace. NetSfere improves the efficiency of healthcare workflows by enabling seamless communication among geographically diverse team members.


Advanced Enterprise Messaging for a Changing Healthcare Industry

Data Security

h4, 256-bit secure data encryption allows healthcare workers to safely communicate PHI and device-to-device encryption protects messages from the instant they leave the sender's device to the instant they are received.

Centralized Storage

Secure, Cloud-based storage retains messages for improved recordkeeping and audits.

Multi-Device Access

Healthcare workers enjoy access to messages and attachments on any device that is Web-browser accessible.

Private Messaging

NetSfere security and encryption ensure that private messages and PHI remain private.


The NetSfere messaging service rapidly scales to the needs of growing healthcare practices, institutions and organizations.

Intelligent Routing

Messages are sent as SMS texts when the intended recipients are out of range for Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Medical speech-to-text in chats using Nuance®

Quickly communicate with each other via instant messaging using a HITRUST CSF-certified speech-to-text function that is capable of understanding medical terms without the need to type complex words.

Real-Time Collaboration

Healthcare workers on a group video call are able to instantly share their screen to collaborate on internal documents and materials including images and videos.

Location Sharing

The ability to share locations allows healthcare professionals to know the physical locations of other team members, improving workflow efficiency.

Management Control

Healthcare IT administrators have centralized account management and the ability to remotely wipe data from the accounts of healthcare workers who leave the organization.

Integrated Directories

The integration of organizational directories makes it easy for healthcare workers to rapidly locate other team members for communication and collaboration.