Messaging Products for Today's Enterprises

As the leader in enterprise messaging, NetSfere delivers robust instant messaging and collaboration technology to organizations across a diverse range of industries. Built to function as next-generation messaging solutions, NetSfere products create a real-time communication presence via a user-friendly Web interface or mobile messaging app.

Key benefits of NetSfere solutions include:

Unparalleled Data and Message Security

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that team members can communicate and collaborate securely
  • Protect data and improve control between client and servers with industry-standard 256-bit encryption
  • Device-to-device encryption secures every message and attachment with a unique key, from the time it leaves the sending device until it arrives on receiving devices
  • Safely communicate with employees on corporate-owned and BYOD devices

Total Management Control

  • Manage employee accounts and data sharing from a secure, central repository
  • Communicate securely with your ecosystem or external contacts using guest access
  • Improve account management with the ability to invalidate expired accounts and remotely wipe sensitive data
  • Enterprise policies control message lifetime and sharing of attachments outside the enterprise
  • Real-time statistics track key performance indicators such as number of accounts, active sessions and message sent
  • Effortlessly comply with corporate data retention policies
  • Control attachments by type and device

Secure Cloud-based Storage

  • Achieve zero-effort device upgrade since messages and attachments are stored in the cloud--switching to a new device is as simple as installing the app and entering your password
  • Eliminate the need to delete old data on your device with automatic message management and by storing only the latest messages locally
  • Comply with data retention policies through centralized storage management

Robust Delivery

  • Instantly and reliably communicate and collaborate with other team members--and share many different types of multimedia content
  • Continue conversations as employees move from one Web browser accessible device to another
  • Reach recipients via SMS text messaging at the sender's discretion
  • Reply to critical messages via SMS text messaging when Wi-Fi or cellular data are not available
  • Seamless integration of messages sent or received via SMS text in the NetSfere cloud

Business Results & Outcomes

Fail-safe messaging reliability

Strong message delivery allows senders to reach recipients via SMS text messaging at their option or when Wi-Fi and cellular data are unavailable. SMS text messages are automatically integrated into user accounts through the NetSfere cloud.

Increased productivity

Provides employees the means to quickly communicate and collaborate while exchanging ideas and thoughts leading to increased productivity.

Improved privacy and data security

Device-to-device encryption delivers significant improvement over the security that is provided by the consumer-grade messaging apps that are likely being used for workplace communications now.

Better management and control

NetSfere provides total control over accounts, giving IT the ability to quickly add or remove account access, and to remotely wipe data from employee devices.

Enhanced compliance

Centralized storage management makes it easier to achieve full compliance with data retention policies.

More accurate performance tracking

Real-time statistics allow you to monitor and track key performance indicators like number of accounts, active sessions and the volume of messages sent.

Effortless upgrades

As a cloud-based enterprise messaging solution, NetSfere allows employees to seamlessly switch from smartphones to tablets to laptops--and enables IT to effortlessly upgrade company-owned devices.

Secure Ecosystem Collaboration

Employees can collaborate and communicate securely with their ecosystem of outside vendors, partners and clients.

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