Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

What’s Next for Enterprise Communication Platforms?

The best answer to that question is that the “next” is already here in the form of secure, enterprise mobile messaging platforms like NetSfere. That answer begs the question – how many organizations have kept pace with the “what’s next” and evolved their communication channels to support secure collaboration? In the current environment, many enterprises are finding they need to play catch up to the what’s next in enterprise communication platforms to support business communication, collaboration and productivity without compromising security.

The massive shift to remote work triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital workplace transformation, making mobile messaging the hub of communication and collaboration.

Mobile messaging, which is instantaneous, asynchronous and contextual, is the preferred way for people to communicate globally and is now more than ever the de facto way enterprise communication happens. It is essentially the new enterprise operating environment for communications including voice, video, text and data sharing.

As such it is critical for enterprises to look at what’s next for their enterprise communication solutions NOW. Not doing so is really not an option. Why? Because:

  • Consumer messaging apps, which are already proliferating workplace communication, result in fragmented collaboration, a limited role for IT and substantial data, privacy and compliance risk exposure.
  • The larger risk of unsecure communications is a cybersecurity breach that can literally shutdown and bankrupt an entity, either through the loss of trade secrets, the loss of customer confidence, or a host of other negative consequences that can come from a breach.
  • Enterprises that provide best-in-class tools to deliver on a mobile first, messaging first communications strategy realize huge productivity gains.
  • Remote working is here to stay, escalating the need for purpose-built enterprise mobile messaging apps that ensure a secure employee collaboration environment. The Boston Consulting Group revealed that “companies expect approximately 40% of employees to utilize a remote working model in the future.” The report also found that 37% of companies expect that more than 25% of employees will work in hybrid models that combine remote and onsite work.

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