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ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK Awards Secure Enterprise Messaging Service NetSfere as #1 Digitalization Topic of the German Healthcare System in 2018

As a result, NetSfere has now moved into the proof of concept phase with several German hospitals joining the service

MUNICH, Germany June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)NetSfere, an award-winning, secure mobile messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, today announces ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, a German-based association of decision makers from over 800 hospitals that develops digital solutions for challenges in healthcare business processes, has selected the secure enterprise messaging service as the winner of its 2018 Decision Maker Awards.

Selected from a group of 12 vendor finalists, NetSfere’s key features of security, control, compliance and collaboration were identified as the solution for an urgent problem that German hospitals face – unregulated and unsecure communication among doctors, nurses and hospital employees.

NetSfere’s winning presentation was given by Andre Volwater, Head of Europe Sales at Infinite Convergence Solutions, who presented to approximately 300 German hospital leaders about “Getting Rid of the WhatsApp Dilemma Through Secure Mobile Communication in Hospitals.” The presentation outlined the following:

  • Doctors, nurses and hospital employees currently use unregulated and unsecure consumer messaging applications to communicate with each other and share sensitive patient information, such as medical information or x-rays.
  • While mobile messaging increases efficiency and productivity, the lack of control within these applications puts hospitals at risk of breaching patient safety and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.
  • NetSfere, an all-in-one secure communication platform that is backed by encrypted communication pathways that boast industry-leading, advanced Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and 256-bit elliptical curve cryptography, is the solution.

“Receiving this recognition from the esteemed members of ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, who are seeing first-hand how the problem of unregulated mobile messaging is jeopardizing hospitals, proves NetSfere’s high potential in the market,” said Obermayer. “We look forward to implementing NetSfere in even more hospitals across Germany throughout the next year and becoming the secure messenger of choice for the German healthcare sector.”

Accompanying Obermayer during the winning presentation was Ralf Boldt, head of IT of Klinikum Oldenburg, a general hospital in Oldenburg, Germany, that has already started implementing NetSfere to enhance and secure communication among its employees. NetSfere enables Klinikum Oldenburg employees to communicate with internal and external contacts through industry-leading security algorithms that support device-to-device encryption. With capabilities to not only communicate quickly and efficiently with a high-level of security, NetSfere also provides these employees a user-friendly interface that’s unmatched in comparison to other apps.

“We believe it is crucial to equip our employees with the mobile solutions they need to perform their jobs better, so employees aren’t left to communicate on unsecure consumer messaging applications,” said Boldt. “This is a huge dilemma nearly every hospital in Germany faces, but NetSfere has given us the necessary control to regulate and secure this communication.”

The five additional hospitals who have joined the proof of concept include: Vestische Caritas Hospitals, Westpfalz Hospital Group, University Hospital Münster, Nordoberpfalz Hospital Group, and St. Augustinus Hospital Group. NetSfere looks forward to welcoming additional hospitals to its enterprise messaging service and releasing results and use cases later this year through ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK’s program.

“NetSfere is a prime example of why we created ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK – to act as an incubator function for hospitals to trial the most critical digitalization projects in the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK. “Our association enables a win-win situation for clinics and industry vendors. Clinics are able to trial leading digitalization projects without risk and vendors achieve successful pilot and reference installations. Together, ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK and its members are driving the German healthcare system forward in order to better service patients”

Between now and February 2019, NetSfere is exhibiting and speaking at several events and conferences throughout ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK’s year-long decision maker cycle, including a summer camp in June to monitor progress and an event in November to present initial results. This July, NetSfere will also release the German version of its service, which not only features secure messaging, but also HD Audio one-to-one calling and Live video broadcast and streaming, all within its secure platform.

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Since 2006, the goal of ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK has been to develop solutions for problems in business processes by means of digitalization projects and to show the target group of hospital decision makers the benefit-making contribution to the hospitals' success in a suitable manner. These objectives are achieved by the fact that the promotional associations of the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK have decided to offer at least 10 hospitals each year the possibility to try out elected digitalization solutions for 12 months at no costs. In doing so, ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK has been taking over the incubator function for digitalization projects in the healthcare sector.

  • For a period of 12 months, hospitals can "test" whether digitalization projects contribute to the hospital's success
  • Hospitals can test "great ideas" without running the risk of spending money incorrectly
  • IT and MedTech companies receive successful pilot and reference installations
  • Hospitals and solution vendors achieve a win-win situation

This goal is supported by 33 associations, over 800 locations of hospitals, over 120 industry partners and Consultants selected by the associations

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NetSfere is a secure enterprise messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features and administrative controls. The service leverages Infinite Convergence's experience in delivering mobility solutions to tier 1 mobile operators globally and technology that supports more than 500 million subscribers and over a trillion messages on an annual basis. NetSfere is also compliant with regulatory requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley and others. Infinite Convergence Solutions has offices in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Singapore. For more information, visit

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