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NetSfere, an End-to-End Secure Enterprise Messaging Service, Further Enhances Employee Communications

Now offering industry-leading device-to-device encryption, NetSfere ensures only the message sender and recipients can read sensitive messages and documents

CHICAGO -- February 24, 2015 -- To close major security loopholes that exist in current enterprise communication strategies, NetSfere is now available globally for enterprises to leverage the power of mobile messaging to enhance productivity, all while providing a simple and intuitive user experience.

The rise of consumer messaging applications has made enterprise communication security a top of mind concern for businesses. According to an Infinite Convergence study, 59 percent of IT decision-makers think third-party messaging apps and chat tools are insecure for enterprise communication. Further underlining this concern, Infinite Convergence's new 2015 study finds an astounding 87 percent of employees believe that third-party messaging apps do not keep their communication completely secure.

"Security is a key differentiator between enterprise messaging services, especially given the increasing use of personal devices and consumer messaging apps in the workplace," said Pamela Clark-Dickson, principal analyst, Consumer Services, Ovum. "Ensuring messaging security is becoming a high priority for enterprises, as they seek to safeguard the exchange of sensitive information between their employees, customers and partners."

Smartphone penetration and rapid adoption of consumer messaging applications has left enterprises inadequately prepared for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) global phenomenon. As strongly evidenced in the company's studies, only less than half of employees say their employer has an official policy on mobile phone usage for business communication. Additionally, another study found that 2 out of 3 IT executives are concerned about employees' use of personal devices for business communication.

"Since its initial unveiling at CTIA last September, NetSfere has been trialed and used by customers on a global basis, and it has consistently received outstanding endorsements," said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence, the mobility solutions service provider that delivers NetSfere. "This is an overwhelming validation of the need for NetSfere in the enterprise messaging market -- we couldn't be happier with the quality of service NetSfere provides to our customers and the rave reviews and feedback they continue to provide."

Featuring robust service offerings, NetSfere provides industry leading security and message delivery capabilities, including:

  1. Global Cloud-based Service Availability: Cloud deployments located in the U.S., Europe and Asia provide customers with regional flexibility
  2. Device-To-Device Encryption: Leverages the strongest forms of encryption available to protect messages and documents from the time they leave the sending device until they arrive on the receiving device(s)
  3. Locations Aware: Allows users to mark their location anywhere in the world and send it with just a few simple gestures
  4. Administration and Control: NetSfere's Administrator's Control Panel provides a greater array of statistics to enable admins to more easily see how NetSfere is being used and to manage user access
  5. Mobile App Optimizations: NetSfere mobile apps have been optimized to take advantage of the processing power available on the newest mobile devices on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms

The company has also published a white paper titled, Secure Enterprise Messaging: The Evolution of Encryption" to further explain NetSfere's approach to secure messaging.

Offering a mobile app and web support via all modern browsers, NetSfere securely exchanges text messages, documents, photos and videos via a private, highly secure platform. NetSfere leverages two message encryption techniques for full device-to-device encryption, assuring only the sender and intended recipients can read the message. Additionally, NetSfere allows IT departments to remotely wipe or restore all historical data from the application on employees' old, existing or new devices.

Available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android, NetSfere builds upon its existing infrastructure to provide a more secure and compelling list of features relevant across many industry verticals, including legal and advisory; finance and banking; insurance and risk management; travel and hospitality; and supply chain and retail.

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About NetSfere

NetSfere, a new internal enterprise messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. , provides enterprises with a private, highly secure, reliable centrally managed and controlled, cloud-based messaging service. Its technology is backed by 2000 years of combined messaging experience of delivering trillions of messages globally. Infinite Convergence provides innovative messaging and mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies to mobile operators and enterprises. Currently supporting more than 500 million subscribers globally, Infinite Convergence offers, in addition to Netsfere, a complete range of scalable Enterprise Messaging Services, Rich Communication Suite, Converged Messaging, Public Safety Messaging, SMS, MMS, and Gateway solutions for businesses and Tier 1 wireless operators globally. Headquartered outside Chicago, Infinite Convergence has a business presence in the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Singapore. Infinite Convergence Solution is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinite Computer Solutions.

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