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Secure Enterprise Messaging Service NetSfere Further Expands Availability Across Leading Platforms and Devices, Launches app for Apple Watch and Phones

With end-to-end encryption, regulatory compliance and control safe guards for industries such as healthcare, finance and more, NetSfere delivers a best-in-class, cloud-based secure messaging service giving enterprise total control over the way employees send and access information across multiple mobile devices and platforms.

CHICAGO, Jan 11, 2016-- NetSfere an award-winning, secure mobile messaging service for enterprises from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc., further expanded its availability across all leading operating platforms and devices with the launch of apps for Apple Watch and Phones. This builds upon NetSfere's current cross-platform and multi-device availability on Android and iOS mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets, and PCs via a web browser.

NetSfere for Apple Watch makes secure mobile communication more accessible and convenient. Apple Watch owners are instantly connected and are able to receive real-time message notifications, check unread message count at a glance, view and reply to conversations with preconfigured text responses or voice dictation with the NetSfere app.

"With the proliferation of the mobile devices and success of smart watch from the emerging landscape of wearable technology, NetSfere for Apple Watch now further allows enterprise users to communicate even more quickly in a secured timely manner. Additionally, with the launch of NetSfere for Phones, the service availability is now extended to another major mobile platform with enterprise-grade security and control." said Matt Davidson, Senior Product Manager at NetSfere." Apple Watch is increasingly used by professionals across industries, where the immediacy and convenience it provides is a natural fit for NetSfere's secure messaging platform."

Featuring robust service offerings, NetSfere is a cloud-based enterprise messaging service that provides businesses with a secure platform for internal communication and gives IT departments complete control to mandate company policies and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.

Key features include:

  • Advanced Instant Messaging : Drives productivity with encrypted instant messaging for groups and individuals
  • Centralized Management : Manages users and devices through an IT administrator's control panel
  • Contact Presence and Location Aware : Tracks contact availability on every user avatar throughout the app; allows users to mark and send their location anywhere in the world
  • Cloud Storage : Seamlessly upgrade to a new device simply by installing the app and logging in
  • Device-To-Device Encryption : Leverages the strongest forms of encryption available to protect messages and documents from the time they leave the sending device until they arrive on the receiving device(s)
  • Full Multi-Media Support : Attach photos, videos and documents
  • Global Cloud-based Service Availability : Cloud deployments located in the U.S., Europe and Asia provide customers with regional flexibility
  • Multi-Device Support : Syncs content in real time across all of your desktop and mobile devices
  • Remote Wipe : Destroys sensitive enterprise data on devices no longer authorized to access it
  • Sophisticated Conversation Management : Organizes related messages into named conversations; add and remove conversation participants at will; new participants have access to complete conversation history

NetSfere messaging is synced across all devices for a streamlined user experience. For more information, visit

About Infinite Convergence

NetSfere is an internal enterprise messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc., NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features and administrative controls. NetSfere leverages Infinite Convergence's experience in delivering mobility solutions to tier 1 mobile operators and is also compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protocols. Infinite Convergence Solutions has offices in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Singapore. For more information, visit


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