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NetSfere Brings Encrypted High Definition Audio Calling and Live Video Streaming to Enterprises in One Secure Messaging Service

NetSfere is now the leading enterprise-grade messaging service to provide all preferred means of communication - text, video and voice - all in one encrypted platform

CHICAGO – August 8, 2017 – Today, NetSfere, an award-winning secure mobile messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc., launches NetSfere HD Audio one-to-one calling and NetSfere Live video broadcast and streaming, all within its secure platform.

The technology uses encrypted communication pathways to exchange voice and video between NetSfere users. It leverages industry-leading advanced Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and 256-bit elliptical curve cryptography, thereby securing all video, audio and messaging communication within the NetSfere platform. Information is never exposed to external entities, giving the enterprise full control over customer data. Additionally, mobile and web apps are fully contained and don’t require external plugins, like Flash.

“There is an epidemic of employees using insecure consumer messaging apps for business communication, which exposes enterprises to the serious security risks and compromised confidential information that we constantly see making headlines,” said Anurag Lal, CEO and president of Infinite Convergence Solutions. “With our new live broadcast and HD audio capabilities, along with several other feature upgrades, NetSfere now offers the same messaging experience that consumers are used to, but with the encryption and security necessary for enterprise communication. There is no longer a need for consumer apps in the enterprise, as NetSfere combines text, video and voice collaboration all in one secure service.”

“Enterprise mobile messaging is a real-time reality that must be addressed, and an opportunity exists for applications that provide an intuitive and secure service that can be adopted enterprise-wide,” said Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst, Workforce Collaboration and Communications, 451 Research. “Our research shows that the use of consumer apps in the workplace persists and the risks it entails are top of mind for IT decision makers. This will drive the adoption of enterprise-grade solutions that provide a user-friendly interface and comply with security standards that do not compromise sensitive business information.”

NetSfere HD Audio

NetSfere HD Audio enhances business collaboration by enabling users to make secure one-to-one phone calls with the touch of a button. The native calling experience replicates what a typical phone call looks like for Android and iOS devices and features multiple-device capability with mobile and web.

By unifying messaging and voice, NetSfere HD Audio further enhances the enterprise messaging experience and provides instant collaboration across local and global teams.

NetSfere Live

NetSfere Live offers live video broadcasting capability within the secure, enterprise-grade NetSfere environment. As the number of remote workers rises, the need for company-wide secure video becomes increasingly important, particularly as mobile video consumption is anticipated to grow by 870 percent in the next six years.

A presenter can instantly broadcast over NetSfere Live’s encrypted platform to single or multiple users on any device, including desktops, mobile devices or tablets. Viewers can comment and provide feedback on the Live broadcast, allowing the presenter to engage with viewers in real time.

The superior video quality also has a dynamic adaption to bandwidth latency for a jitter-free, real-time communication experience. NetSfere Live’s use cases include company-wide broadcasting, announcements, training and event streaming to employees around the globe.

NetSfere Live and HD Audio further build on NetSfere’s robust messaging service offering, making it the only enterprise-grade messaging service to combine text, video and voice. With a secure platform for internal communication, and advanced features, such as end-to-end encryption and regulatory compliances for SOX and HIPAA, NetSfere’s collaboration features and security is unmatched in comparison to insecure third-party consumer messaging apps that many employees mistakenly use for business communication.

NetSfere is also releasing several new features aside from video and voice, including:

  • Accessibility for Color Blind Users: Leverages stronger design principles to make read and unread messages easily noticeable for users with color blindness
  • Box Cloud Storage Integration: Allows Box users to link their accounts to NetSfere, so attachments can be downloaded and stored directly in Box anywhere, anytime 
  • Customized Guest Invitations: Users can personalize invitations to external guests with the use of attention-grabbing emails
  • Respond with Context: Brings clarity to group messaging by showing a response with the original message embedded above for context
  • Biometric Authentication: Enables easy, secure logins on fingerprint enabled devices
  • Enriched Notification & Badge Counts: Users can view unread messages, missed calls, and company broadcast notifications at a glance, while admins can control notification content. 

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About NetSfere

NetSfere is a secure enterprise messaging service from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features and administrative controls. NetSfere leverages Infinite Convergence’s experience in delivering mobility solutions to tier 1 mobile operators and is also compliant with regulatory requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley and others. Infinite Convergence Solutions has offices in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Singapore. For more information, visit


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