A Sure Thing: Robust Administrative Controls Deliver Security and Compliance in Mobile Messaging

The business landscape today includes a highly mobile workforce. A survey by Pew Research found that about a third (35%) of workers with jobs that can be done remotely are working from home all of the time and 41% of those with jobs that can be done remotely are working a hybrid schedule.

When working remotely, employees are not always at home. Remote work happens in coffee shops, co-working locations, libraries, restaurants and other locations. As the landscape of where work gets done continues to expand, so too do security and compliance risks.

While remote working provides flexible work arrangements for employees, this workforce mobility presents major security and compliance challenges when it comes to enterprise communication.

How can organizations today be sure their distributed teams are communicating in a secure, compliant manner?

The solution is NetSfere.

NetSfere has the comprehensive slate of administrative controls enterprises today need to manage users, monitor activity and enforce corporate policies to eliminate security and compliance risks.

NetSfere provides multiple levels of essential control:

Platform level controls

NetSfere’s platform level controls equip enterprises with the ability to manage and control the messaging activities of all users within the organization. These controls allow organizations to:

  • Control key features like message lifetime, sharing of attachments outside the enterprise and messaging encryption requirements.
  • Configure message archiving settings to comply with regulatory requirements and corporate data retention policies.
  • Track in real time number of accounts, active sessions by user, messages transmitted, and usage by device type.

Enhance employee experience

NetSfere’s application-level controls empower organizations to manage and monitor the internal and external users who access the messaging platform. Using these features enterprises can provide a frictionless, convenient user experience while protecting the organization’s security and compliance interests. These controls allow organizations to:

  • Manage accounts and data from a single, centralized repository
  • Provide temporary guest access to facilitate communication with external stakeholders
  • Remote wipe sensitive data and invalidate expired accounts

Security based controls

Security-based controls ensure that NetSfere’s mobile messaging solution can accommodate the organization’s strict security requirements. These controls provide:

  • 256-bit encryption with elliptical curve key exchange to protect data and maintain the privacy of company communications
  • Cloud-based deployment to give IT no effort total control over security upgrades
  • Control of multi-device capabilities, allowing employees to securely access conversations and share multimedia content across permitted platforms and devices

The mobile workforce is here to stay, and enterprises now need purpose-built real-time communication platforms with these robust administrative controls to embed data security and compliance into business communication across every channel.

NetSfere’s easy-to-use mobile messaging platform is a sure thing when it comes to secure, compliant communication.

Want to stop wondering and worrying if your business communication is secure and compliant? Get NetSfere. Contact us today to learn more.