A Real Problem Solver: Why NetSfere is the Best Mobile Messaging Platform for Enterprises

At NetSfere our business is to secure business communication, providing enterprises with private, highly secure, reliable, centrally managed and controlled mobile messaging. Designed from the ground up for enterprises, NetSfere’s mobile messaging and collaboration platform solves for the business communication pain points that are keeping CIOs and CISOs awake at night.

Problem: Persistent cyber threats

New cyberthreats are emerging every day. Keeping sensitive data out of the hands of bad actors and protecting the operational resilience of their organizations is an ongoing battle for enterprises. Securing business communication in an environment of persistent cyber threats is one of the key challenges in this battle. That’s because vulnerabilities in consumer-grade messaging apps and unsecure collaboration tools are well known to bad actors who are tailoring their attack mechanisms to these channels. Findings from a Check Point Research report show that cyberattack numbers increased 38% in 2022 compared to 2021, driven up “by smaller, more agile hacker and ransomware gangs who widened their aim to target business collaboration tools.”

Problem Solved: NetSfere

NetSfere is an enterprise-grade mobile messaging and collaboration platform that embeds always-on encryption technology to prevent attacks from penetrating networks and systems. NetSfere’s industry-leading 256-bit encryption is an advanced defense technology that stands up to evolving cyberthreats, allowing enterprises to keep data from falling into the wrong hands and to maintain a trusted, secure digital environment. The platform’s built-in always-on end-to-end encryption (E2EE) does not need to be configured or turned on. With NetSfere, enterprise privacy and security are instantly protected.

Problem: Evolving compliance mandates and regulations

The regulatory landscape continues to evolve across the U.S. and internationally. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered by modern privacy regulations. These shifting regulatory requirements make data privacy a top organizational risk today. Many popular communication and collaboration tools used in enterprises contain vulnerabilities that can jeopardize the ability of organizations to meet regulatory requirements. Noncompliance with regulatory and data privacy regulations puts company data at risk which in turn leaves enterprises open to considerable financial, operational and reputational risk. These risks can result in steep costs in the form of fines, business disruption, loss of productivity and consumer/client distrust.

Problem Solved: NetSfere

To continue to operate at optimal levels both internally and externally while complying with regulations and protecting sensitive company data, enterprises need NetSfere - the most secure, comprehensive all-in-one communication solution on the market. Created with end-to-end encryption and full IT control, NetSfere is compliant with global regulations and provides enterprises with a private, highly secure and reliable, centrally managed and controlled, cloud-based messaging service. Noncompliance and data leakage are never a problem with NetSfere.

Problem: Sprawling tech stack

According to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) study, 44% of organizations have deployed six to 10 communications and collaboration platforms, while another 37% use between 11 and 20 platforms. That’s a real problem for enterprises. A tech stack bloated with communication apps creates major security and compliance challenges. The threat to companies is especially great considering that many of these apps are not built for the enterprise. The inherent vulnerabilities in these tools provide a gateway for bad actors to access, expose and exploit an enterprise’s sensitive data.

Problem Solved: NetSfere

Enterprises don’t need multiple communication and collaboration solutions when NetSfere’s all-in-one platform enables business communication across multiple channels. Using one secure platform like NetSfere, cuts down on application sprawl, creates a seamless and secure employee work experience and reduces the network cyberattack surface.

Problem: Securely supporting the hybrid workforce

With 74% of US companies planning to or having already implemented hybrid work policies, organizations face the challenge of deploying secure communication and collaboration technologies that effectively support employees in the work from anywhere environment.

Problem Solved: NetSfere

All-in-one secure mobile messaging solutions like NetSfere streamline workflows, improve communication and facilitate seamless collaboration across distributed teams, enabling digital communication and collaboration without compromising data security or privacy. By providing the right communication and collaboration platform, enterprises can securely support hybrid work, optimizing productivity and efficiency and creating an environment of teamwork, idea-sharing and innovation.