Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

At NetSfere We Make It Our Business to Secure Business Communication

NetSfere is in the business of securing enterprise communication and collaboration. An industry-leading secure mobile messaging platform, NetSfere’s built-in always on end-to-end encryption (E2EE) does not need to be configured or turned on. With NetSfere, enterprise privacy and security are instantly protected.

E2EE is the gold standard when it comes to protecting data and adhering to stringent data protection regulations and compliance mandates. With E2EE, data is encrypted on the sender's system or device, and only the intended recipient is able to decrypt and read the message. True E2EE provides uninterrupted security for data at rest and in transit which keeps messages secure from prying eyes and protects the integrity of data, preventing the tampering or altering of messages.

NetSfere’s E2EE across every device allows employees to share information without jeopardizing the integrity of sensitive data. All NetSfere conversations are encrypted by default. Combining enterprise-grade E2EE with advanced algorithms, our industry-leading secure messaging platform ensures all message content including text, media and files are encrypted at rest and in transit – from one device to another.

As work becomes less location specific and more flexible, cybercriminals are adapting to this shift, taking advantage of a larger threat landscape and exposing companies to increased risk. In the work from anywhere era, organizations need a mobile messaging platform like NetSfere. NetSfere’s enterprise-grade security and control work in concert with robust real-time interaction features that support remote and hybrid communication and collaboration, strengthen employee engagement and increase employee productivity.

A hub of secure, reliable communication, NetSfere elevates the messaging and collaboration experience, providing all the flexibility of cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions without compromising security or compliance.

At NetSfere we make it our business to secure business communication, providing enterprises with private, highly secure, reliable, centrally managed and controlled mobile messaging.

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