High-Performance Messaging Technology
for Supply Chain & Retail Organizations

Work routines in the supply chain and retail sector are more diverse than ever and finding news ways to stay in touch with suppliers, vendors and team members is a never-ending struggle. NetSfere's enterprise messaging platform meets a critical need by providing intuitive, reliable messaging technology that significantly improves communication and coordination among internal team members and creates secure connections with suppliers or vendors outside of the organization.

NetSfere: A Comprehensive Messaging Solution in Supply Chain and Retail

In the supply chain and retail industry, technology can potentially create more problems than it solves. Although instant messaging is a highly effective communication tool, the use of unauthorized, consumer-grade messaging apps introduces security concerns and a lack of control into the organization's IT ecosystem.

NetSfere is a cloud-based, enterprise-class messaging platform with the security, flexibility and features it takes to succeed in today's fast-paced supply chain and retail industry. Built to address retail's unique needs and challenges, NetSfere delivers several important advantages to your organization, including:

Logistics and Supply Chain Secure Instant Messaging

Supply Chain Improvement

Reliable, real-time messaging improves communications and temporary account access creates opportunities for increased coordination with vendors and suppliers.

Secure Messaging for Retail and Logistics Companies

Secure, Cloud-Based Storage

Secure file transfer and centralized data storage ensure the privacy and integrity of messages and attachments.

Secure Enterprise Messaging for Improve Supply Chain Workflow

Efficient Workflow Integration

Enterprise-class messaging features encourage the increased use of authorized technology for communication and collaboration in everyday work routines.

Promotional Broadcasting via Secure Instant Messaging

Enhanced Promotional Broadcasting

Instantly broadcast promotional updates and other messages to large groups of internal team members and/or suppliers.

Enterprise Messaging Control and Management Solutions

Expanded Management

With NetSfere, parent companies significantly improve their ability to manage the policies and technologies of their sub-organizations' communications agendas.


Messaging Technology for Supply Chain & Retail Efficiency

Better Supply Chain Coordination

Effortlessly and instantly communicate with suppliers and vendors to coordinate inventory and distribution activities using temporary accounts.

Seamless Messaging and Multi-Device Support

Cloud-based deployment provides seamless messaging capabilities and multi-device support, equipping team members with the tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Greater Messaging Control

Exert greater control over messaging, replacing consumer-grade messaging apps with a secure and robust enterprise messaging solution.

Dependable Cloud-based Message Storage

Centralized data storage allows managers to track, monitor and archive messages and attachments with time stamps, creating a record of communications with team members and suppliers.


Better Messaging for Better Supply Chain & Retail Operations

Real-time Communication

Robust, enterprise messaging technology creates a real-time communication vehicle that is much more secure and reliable than the use of consumer-grade messaging apps.

Location Sharing

Location sharing features allow managers to track and monitor team members, providing important insights that can be leveraged for improved operational efficiency.

Broadcast Capability

The ability to broadcast messages to large groups of recipients scattered across multiple locations increases the value and impact of sales or promotions.

Directory Integration

Integrated directories provide immediate access to everyone in the organization and make it easy to add new team members to existing conversations.

Advanced Security & Encryption

Device-to-device encryption uses a unique key to ensure the security of data and messages from the moment it leaves the sending device until it arrives on receiving devices.

Cloud-based Storage

Centralized, cloud storage prevents data loss and delivers greater control over accounts, equipping IT and managers with the ability to remotely deactivate and wipe user accounts.

Temporary Supplier Access

Temporary access for external suppliers and vendors improve the integrity of the supply chain and creates h4er supplier relationships.

Unlimited Scalability

The ability to seamlessly add a virtually unlimited number of users aligns your communication technology with organizational growth.

Multimedia Messaging.

Share many different types of content (including product photos or other images) with team members and vendors.

Message Retention

Retail and store messages for extended periods of time to create a reliable record of communications.

Ease of Access

NetSfere users can access their accounts from any device with Web accessibility, making it easy to securely switch between devices.