e-Book: CIO’s Guide to Secure Enterprise Messaging

Messaging plays a starring role in your enterprise’s communication routines -- and it will become even more important when conversational user interfaces power enterprise systems and the Internet of Things.

As the CIO, you need secure enterprise messaging technology and you need it now.

This helpful new e-book, The CIO's Guide to Secure Enterprise Messaging, can be downloaded in less than thirty seconds by completing the form to the right.

Written Exclusively for Leaders Like You

The guide has been written exclusively for senior and forward-thinking executives in IT, security and operations who:

  • recognize the growing security risks inherent in employees using consumer messaging apps for work activities; and
  • believe that enterprise messaging can provide competitive advantage via improved communication, higher productivity and enhanced business systems

If you fall into either of those categories, this is a must-read introduction to the fast-growing enterprise messaging solutions marketplace.

What You'll Learn and How You Can Use It

With this e-book, you’ll:

  • Learn where enterprise messaging technology fits in the IT prioritization conversation;
  • Understand why companies that don’t proactively manage their messaging platforms have an increased likelihood of falling victim to a damaging cybersecurity breach;
  • Discover how enterprises in healthcare, finance and other industries are using secure enterprise messaging to create business advantage;
  • Get valuable insights on how to evaluate offerings in the enterprise messaging technology market; and
  • Gain access to an "action plan" that can be used to make the case for the implementation of a robust enterprise messaging platform in your organization.

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Secure Enterprise Messaging With NetSfere

NetSfere eliminates the risks associated with enterprise messaging, and helps IT regain control of the sharing of files and information across the organization.

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