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Transformation at the Speed of Digital: Securely Digitizing Employee Communication and Collaboration

In 2020, digital transformation accelerated at a rapid pace to help enterprises maintain business continuity during the pandemic and prepare for recovery post-pandemic. Many C-level executives consider investments in digital transformation initiatives essential for business success. A survey by Gartner found that 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority.

For many enterprises digital transformation starts with creating a digital workplace. The digital workplace is defined as “enabling new, more effective ways of working and raising employee engagement and agility…” Jump starting digital transformation by creating a digital workplace makes good business sense. A report from Verizon Business found that 52% of businesses with a digital workplace strategy saw increased productivity versus only 40% of those without such a strategy.

Digitizing employee communication and collaboration is foundational to digital workplace strategies and a priority for the vast majority of enterprises. A McKinsey survey found that 85% of respondents have somewhat or greatly accelerated the implementation of technologies that digitally enable employee interaction and collaboration.

With the shift to remote work, organizations are turning to communication technology to create a digital workplace that enables employees to work securely, agilely and collaboratively in a distributed environment.

A recent report by 451 Research noted that moving forward, “the need to enable a distributed workforce will be a key driver influencing market requirements for enterprise software collaboration. This includes features such as mobile optimization and end-to-end encryption, which are becoming a ‘must have’ – rather than ‘nice to have’ – raising the bar for incumbent providers of enterprise collaboration.”

To succeed in the digital workplace, companies will need to adopt a mobile messaging platform that brings the power of secure, agile communication to the workplace. That’s where NetSfere’s secure mobile messaging service and platform can help. NetSfere supports enterprise digital workplace initiatives by keeping employees connected with secure, regulatory compliant communications tools that enable instantaneous, contextual team collaboration.

Now more than ever security is a mission-critical component of digitizing employee communication and collaboration with the transition to remote work opening up new opportunities for cyberattacks. A survey of managers, directors, and C-suite executives in IT and cybersecurity roles at companies across the U.S. found that 20% faced a security breach as a result of a remote worker. Further, data from the World Economic Forum revealed that over 50% of business leaders rank cyberattacks and data fraud due to a sustained shift in working patterns as one of the most worrisome issues for their company.

In the digitization of communication and collaboration, enterprises will need to protect business resilience and agility by tapping into technology that takes a data security and privacy first approach to enabling and enhancing business communication. Transforming the digital workplace with NetSfere’s agile, secure mobile messaging service and platform can help safeguard enterprise resiliency and agility by accelerating workforce productivity, improving operational efficiency and creating a workplace designed for collaboration.

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