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The Secret to Boosting Employee Productivity is a Communications Environment That is Engaging, Remote and Mobile

Employee productivity is a significant driver of business success, impacting key performance metrics in the areas of operational costs and revenue. The power of productivity to shape business results vaults this metric to the top of priority lists for enterprise leaders.

Harvard Business Review research recently found that poor collaboration and inefficient work practices have reduced productive time by 2% to 3% for some organizations. To increase productivity, organizations should equip employees with communication and collaboration tools that increase engagement, support remote work and take a mobile-first approach.


Communication and collaboration solutions that help connect, align, update, and inform employees are a critical component of fostering the employee engagement essential to boosting productivity. Engaged employees not only produce a greater output of work but higher quality work. That translates to higher profits for businesses. In contrast, disengaged employees cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary, according to Gallup.

To be on the plus side of the employee engagement revenue equation, enterprises should focus on creating a collaborative work environment that facilitates teamwork, breaks down information silos, and streamlines workflows. That’s where NetSfere comes in.

NetSfere’s secure enterprise mobile messaging service optimizes workforce productivity, providing organizations with an instantaneous, contextual, seamless communications experience through a single encrypted platform for text, voice and video.


There is no doubt about it, remote work is here to stay. A report by 451 Research found that 64% of organizations that significantly increased remote work during the pandemic plan to make this a permanent change.

The distributed nature of teams today means organizations must ensure that employees can seamlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere to maintain productivity and efficiency. The right tools can help deliver the agile, flexible business communication at scale needed to support the continuing shift to the work from anywhere paradigm.

To make remote work more productive, enterprises need to move away from fragmented solutions that are barriers to communication and to a solution that includes a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools built into one platform.

NetSfere’s all-in-one enterprise mobile messaging platform can help organizations and their employees overcome the unique communication and collaboration challenges of remote working by securely and reliably connecting them wherever they are.


The shift in how and where work gets done is translating to a significant volume of business communications being conducted on mobile devices. A study by NetSfere in conjunction with 451 Research found that 80% of employee respondents use their smartphones for business purposes on a daily basis and three out of four respondents said they use SMS daily.

The preference for mobile messaging is fueled by the convenience and productivity benefits inherent in using this technology. In fact, nearly half of both employees and IT decision makers surveyed in the NetSfere/451 Research study believe they stand to gain six or more hours a week as a direct result of using their smartphones.

It is important to understand that mobile first, messaging first productivity gains can only be realized with the right technology. Enterprises are learning that If the right business apps for mobile messaging aren't accessible or effective, employees will turn to a fragmented landscape of productivity killing consumer apps that are not secure.

A secure mobile-first enterprise messaging solution like NetSfere provides organizations with state-of-the-art tools that help their employees work more efficiently and securely. NetSfere extends the benefits of mobile messaging through all channels - text, video and voice -to help organizations offer valuable collaboration tools for employees without limiting productivity or compromising security or compliance.

The secret to boosting employee productivity is NetSfere. Contact us today to learn more.