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The Importance of Encrypted Text Messaging to Prevent Cellphone Hackers

The popularity of mobile devices has given rise to a new threat: mobile hacking. As cases of mobile hacking increase in large-scale enterprises, implementing encrypted text messaging technology is more important than ever before.

Hackers can be relentless--and that means you need to take the necessary measures to implement secure messaging technology that puts up protective walls and keeps them out.

Why You Need an Encrypted Text Messaging Platform

Mobile devices optimize communication and collaboration between employees. However, common messaging platforms used in everyday communications aren't entirely secure and can be more harmful than helpful.

If you aren't using an encrypted text messaging solution, you risk:

  • Exposed corporate data
  • Information and data theft
  • Steep recovery costs
  • Compromised relationships with customers, partners and vendors
  • Negative publicity for your company and brand

Large-scale data hacks can take several months to recover from. But the use of secure messaging technology reduces risk by preventing hackers from accessing secure data and messages.

Key Features of an Encrypted Text Messaging Solution

It's important to find a messaging solution that combines effective collaboration and data security. Look for these key features to ensure safe internal communications within your company:

  • Heightened Data and Messaging Security -- Text messaging that is transmitted on a platform with robust security enables companies to carry out day-to-day business operations with the peace of mind that team members are able to share information without jeopardizing the integrity of sensitive data.
  • Enhanced Account Management -- With better account management, employee data sharing can be managed from a central location. This streamlines monitoring activities and centralizes account controls, allowing administrators to remotely wipe sensitive data and invalidate expired accounts.
  • Secure Cloud-Based Storage -- Secure, cloud-based storage makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive information. Cloud-based storage also eliminates the need to constantly delete old messages from employee devices. An encrypted text messaging system with automated message management stores only the latest communications locally. And you'll be able to easily comply with data retention policies through a central storage management system.

Finally, an advanced encrypted messaging system should allow employees to take advantage of secure messaging on their own mobile devices. By enabling BYOD, leading enterprise messaging solutions reduce costs and increase the ROI on money invested in communications.

Hack-Proof Encrypted Text Messaging from NetSere

At NetSfere, we've developed our industry-leading secure messaging solution so enterprises can provide a safe, reliable and simple platform for employees to communicate without fear of risking sensitive company data.

Our solutions have enabled financial institutions, hospital and retail organizations to improve employee communication and productivity through TEXT messages that are delivered on a highly secure, easy-to-manage cloud-based platform.

To learn more about NetSfere's encrypted text messaging for your enterprise, contact us today.