NetSfere Isn’t for Everyone: It’s for Business

It is estimated that there were 3.32 billion messaging app users in 2023, making it the most popular app category. By 2025, the number of these users is predicted to reach 3.51 billion. Consumers use these apps to interact with friends, share content such as pictures, videos and web links and share location information.

While consumer apps are designed for personal use like this, they are not designed with the security, compliance, and control features that are mission critical for enterprises today. The good news for enterprises is that there is an app for that.

More than an app, NetSfere is the perfect mobile messaging and collaboration platform for businesses. NetSfere was purpose built for enterprises - architected from the ground up to ensure the security, compliance, and control of business communication.

Unlike risky consumer-grade messaging applications that are vulnerable to cyberattacks and compliance violations, NetSfere has all the features enterprises need to facilitate seamless, secure, and compliant business communication without the risk.

Tailored to the specific requirements of enterprises, NetSfere is:

Secure – a mobile messaging solution with full end-to-end encryption (E2EE), NetSfere protects data at rest and in transit, ensuring that only the sender and receiver can read messages.

Centrally managed and controlled – a platform with robust administrative controls including centralized account management, file sharing and policy compliance, remote wipe, real-time reporting and other capabilities, NetSfere gives IT departments the control mechanisms they need to securely manage the distribution of information across the enterprise.

Compliant – built to guarantee compliance, NetSfere’s industry-leading encryption and robust technical safeguards and administrative controls make it easy to comply with existing and evolving industry regulations and global data privacy laws.

Scalable – NetSfere is designed to scale to meet all the business communications needs of growing enterprises.

Reliable and available – NetSfere is an always on, reliable, secure mobile messaging solution that supports an agile, distributed working environment.

User-friendly –a feature-rich, easy to use platform, NetSfere provides a convenient and frictionless way to share ideas, files, and data without the risk of data leakage or exposure.

While NetSfere isn’t for everyone, it is the absolute best for business.

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