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BYOD and Secure Texting: Is Your Enterprise At Risk?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have transformed enterprise communications. However, companies that have implemented BYOD often struggle to protect against data loss and ensure that communications remain secure. As a result, many enterprises are scrambling for ways to combine secure texting technologies with BYOD policies.

A secure texting platform can allow your organization to experience the benefits of enhanced employee communications without compromising sensitive information.

The Need for a Secure Texting Solution

As a result of the BYOD trend, more and more companies are facing the risk if lost or stolen data if their device-to-device transmissions are not properly protected. While messaging and file sharing can improve employee collaboration, it can also increase the likelihood of data loss and other security risks.

Data transmitted through unsecured messaging solutions or devices that are lost or stolen can result in:

  • Exposed corporate data
  • Unauthorized server access
  • Data theft
  • High recovery costs
  • Damaged relationships with customers, partners and vendors
  • Negative publicity for your brand

Improving BYOD with Cloud-Based Secure Texting Technology

Better collaboration and communication can lead to a more effective workforce. But it's important to find the right secure texting solution for your organization--specifically, a Cloud-based enterprise messaging solution that provides the security and functionality you need to fully leverage BYOD for business advantage:

  • Better Privacy and Data Security -- Secure device-to-device encryption uses a unique key during transmission from the sender to the receiver. This provides measurable improvement over consumer-grade messaging apps that lack the features and reliability of enterprise messaging technology.
  • Cloud-hosted Messaging Platform -- When data is stored in the cloud rather than on personnel devices, IT retains greater control over information in in the event of lost or stolen devices. Additionally, cloud-based apps make it easy to add or remove users from the system--especially when employees use corporate-owned devices.
  • Reliable Message Delivery -- Secure texting technology should enable users to send and receive texts and other multimedia files even when Wi-Fi or cellular data isn't available.
  • Improved Account Management -- Your organization needs to be able to oversee employee accounts and data sharing from a central, secure system. In addition, you can track performance indicators like active accounts and messages sent, while still complying with corporate data retention policies.

Secure Texting Solutions With NetSfere

As a leader in secure enterprise messaging, NetSfere offers companies practical solutions for secure texting. With highly protected device-to-device transmission, we make secure communication between employees a reality.

Contact us at (224)-764-3535 or start your free trial to get started today.

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