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Getting Ahead of the Curve: 4 Consumer Habits Shifting Business Communication

As the workplace continues to evolve, businesses are constantly on the hunt for the newest and most efficient tools that drive collaboration and productivity for their employees. In the past, legacy platforms and tools, including email, have reigned supreme, but due to the instantaneous nature of the current workforce, these tools alone are no longer the answer.

Digital disruption of the workforce has opened a whole new world of collaboration platforms, allowing companies to achieve a new level of efficiency and productivity. Through the evolution of messaging into an omnichannel platform, businesses are now able to use all-in-one platforms, like NetSfere, to encourage employees to push the envelope in terms of collaboration in the workplace.

To keep up with the messaging features employees demand, CIOs should monitor consumer communication trends to make sure their workplace platforms are in alignment with the personalized needs of each employee. To begin that process, here are some of the key consumer trends that businesses should consider when developing their 2019 communication strategy:

  1. Mobile Applications – With two-thirds of the population already on mobile, it has become the most important feature of a business communication strategy. Mobile integration goes beyond simple messaging to offer employees a new way to collaborate. Through a mobile workspace, employees can work from their personal devices which encourages them to work outside of the traditional means of an office space. From automatically dialing into meetings when an employee enters the conference room, to providing them a presentation tool when they’re out of the office, mobile has the ability to be all-encompassing, positioning itself as the future of communication.
  2. Collaborative Features – Through features like HD Audio, Group Calling, live video broadcasts, meeting schedulers and daily poll tools, employees can drive collaboration through all levels and surpass the limited efficiency offered through legacy platforms. Different generations make up the workforce, all with their own preferred form of communication. When employers offer collaborative features through different channels, employees can work in a way that best suits them.
  3. Increased Productivity – Productivity and instantaneity come hand in hand when pertaining to the modern workforce. As opposed to email where a user could be waiting for hours to receive a response, messaging provides immediacy behind the communication, allowing employees to receive answers in a few seconds instead hours. NetSfere takes it to the next level by offering employees the option of merging a group chat into a group call instantly, increasing productivity, and allowing employees to obtain their answers and information immediately.
  4. Intelligent Security – Many big tech companies are dealing with data breaches, making security more important than ever. As companies continue to share personal consumer data, individuals are beginning to realize the risks when sharing information at work through a non-secure form of communication. Using secure messaging platforms like NetSfere allow organizations to show their employees that they care about their safety by offering them a secure and private channel of communication. Selecting a platform that leverages device-to-device encryption and advanced archiving, key features to protect data, allows businesses to maintain the privacy of their internal and extremal company communications.

What’s Next for Business Communication?

In a digitally driven age, employees require state-of-the-art tools that help them work more efficiently and better serve clients, and businesses need to provide them with the top technology in order to stay competitive in their industries. The challenge most companies often face when deciding which communication platform is the right fit for their business is determining what tools their employees seem to prefer.

Paying attention to the top consumer trends and how they’re shifting business communication allows companies to build a personalized digital communication strategy that’s unique to their workplace. Identifying mobile messaging platforms, like NetSfere, lets companies consistently update its features to integrate the leading consumer trends, allowing them to create and implement a tool that increases both communication and collaboration in the workplace.

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