Designed with both employee experience and organizational cybersecurity concerns in mind, NetSfere SecureMeet give users the ability to host meetings with both NetSfere existing users and external guests. This allows different organizations to communicate productively while maintaining the security and control NetSfere offers across its existing platform – eliminating any worry of “Zoom bombing” and other phishing risks associated with virtual meetings. Additional benefits include:

  • Control: The host maintains complete control to allow or deny attendees admission into the fully encrypted session and will receive audible and visual notifications when participants are waiting to join. Organizations also have the option to enable multi-factor authentication for meeting attendees, as well as an option to require entrants to provide user identity information to ensure that only those intended are let in.
  • Frictionless collaboration: Those with and without a NetSfere account can seamlessly access the meeting via the shared URL from the organizer, allowing instantaneous access across organizations. Additionally, previously admitted participants can rejoin anytime without interruption, allowing the host and other attendees to focus on collaboration without operational distractions.
  • Contextual continuity and engagement: SecureMeet give NetSfere users the ability to initiate a new meeting session, add users to an existing meeting with contextual continuity or schedule a new session for the future. In addition to voice and video collaboration within the meeting, users will also have text capabilities, allowing for constant engagement with the host and other participants.

How it Works

Start your SecureMeet session right from your messaging conversations easily by sharing your unique SecureMeet link with your intended attendees. Share using email, SMS or just copy and paste. Ensure the utmost security by authenticating the attendee identity with multi-factor authentication and control who can attend your meetings with sophisticated admission controls.

Attendees can join in a frictionless manner by clicking the SecureMeet link without the need for any plugins or additional software. Completely secure and seamless!

SecureMeet extends the power of NetSfere’s secure, encrypted and globally compliant platform to enable the entire enterprise ecosystem of employees, customers and partners to be even more productive while delivering a compelling user experience with voice, video, text messaging and feature-rich real-time collaboration tools.

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